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Are you looking for a place to build out your idea and collaborate with like-minded innovators? Volta offers convenient workspace for individuals and teams, with everything from desks in our Co-Working Space for Network Members and private offices for Resident Companies, to Outposts for corporate folks looking to shake up the way they address business challenges and roll out new initiatives.


Turning an idea into a reality can be extremely challenging – and we’re here to help by bringing in industry experts from all over North America to provide advice and mentorship to our community. Volta regularly hosts educational workshops, programs and sessions for tech enthusiasts to grow their skills and take their idea to the next level. Check out our event calendar to see what’s going on in the community.


Whether you’re looking to meet your next co-founder or team member, to learn new skills from industry experts, or gain insights from fellow entrepreneurs, Volta is a welcoming, safe place for individuals and teams to network and learn from one another at exciting, engaging workshops, socials, pitch competitions and more.


Volta’s Co-Working Space is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Halifax on the main floor of the Maritime Centre. Our Co-Working Space is where we host many of our events and where hundreds of Network Members work Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Plus, there’s wifi, bookable meeting rooms, booths to take private phone calls, and plenty of events to attend!


Volta is a non-profit that was created by founders for founders, to help startups navigate the common barriers technology-enabled companies often experience by providing resources and training opportunities. Resources include office hours with leading experts, furnished office space, high-speed Internet, networking opportunities, mentorship, workshops and much more.


Connecting with experienced entrepreneurs and working in close proximity to founders at different stages of development is an excellent way to learn from each others’ mistakes and successes, foster collaboration and growth.

Whether you’re looking for a mentee or to become a mentor, Volta can help you create meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships in the startup ecosystem.


Volta’s carefully crafted programming helps budding entrepreneurs, startup employees, founders and corporate innovators navigate the complex challenges of building, running and scaling a business. From learning new skills at recurring workshops, validating your startup idea through Academy, or tackling common issues founders face, there’s a program at Volta that will help you get to the next stage faster.


Pitch Competitions

Pitch competitions are an excellent way to practice your presentation skills, fine-tune your deck, and engage your audience – plus, you never know who’s in the room! Volta holds quarterly pitch competitions for entrepreneurs to pitch in front of a panel of industry experts and receive feedback.

Additionally, Volta’s semi-annual Cohort Pitch Event is the entry point to our Cohort program, where up to five companies receive $25,000 in investment (through a microfund, co-funded by ACOA, BDC Capital + Innovacorp), mentorship, resources, and workspace at Volta.


Spend your lunch break learning from industry experts on a wide range of topics, such as UX design, accounting, blockchain, human resources, media relations and more. Learn new skills and best practices over lunch, and put your new knowledge to work that same day.


Every month, a Resident Founder showcases their product or service to a room full of fellow founders and their teams. It’s a great way to demonstrate how the product works, and also to receive feedback, and answer any questions about how it functions, customers and more.


Peer-2-Peer Meetups provide startup founders the opportunity to candidly discuss their experiences and challenges with colleagues at similar stages of business development.

Volta Events

February 2, 2022
  • Intro to Communitech Outposts

    February 2, 2022  12:00 pm1:00 pm
    Virtual via Zoom


    When: Wednesday, February 2, 2022 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm AST

    Where: Virtual via Zoom (a link with log in details will be sent to you at 9:00am on Wednesday, February 2, 2022)


    Are you ready to expand to international markets?

    Communitech Outposts makes it easy to hire in-market talent in more than 160 countries so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of setting up and maintaining a foreign back office. No entity, no problem.

    Communitech Outposts is an “Employer-of-Record” service.

    You do the recruiting. We do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is find your new team member, then we take care of hiring, payroll, group health benefits, severance and more through our network of in-country entities. With Communitech Outposts, you can get boots on the ground in weeks, not months.

    Save time and money.

    The exponential time and costs of establishing and managing foreign entities and local regulations is often a deterrent to entering new markets. Communitech Outposts increases your opportunity to rapidly enter new sales markets while mitigating risks and preventing roadblocks companies often encounter as they start to scale.

    Using Communitech Outposts also means companies don’t need to worry about foreign bank accounts or transfer pricing and can leverage our HR support to simplify complex employment laws.

    Get there faster, with less risk.

    With Communitech Outposts, you don’t have to set up and manage new legal entities. You avoid the risks of hiring contractors, elude all headaches that come with negotiating benefits in other countries and you won’t need to fly your staff around the world.

    Scale faster internationally and stay focused on what matters with Communitech Outposts.

    Communitech Outposts is available to all Canadian companies – no Communitech membership required.