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About Us

Our Values

We are a place of mentorship and community; Volta is not an accelerator. Our focus is on the quality and quantity, not speed.

Our Methods

  • Provide world-class mentorship and support to new startups and budding entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage the creation of new startups, while nurturing the growth and maturity of existing ones.
  • Develop community-driven education and support frameworks.

Our Focus

At Volta, we’re building a community where entrepreneurs can come together to learn from one another, grow their companies and expand to global markets.

Providing a physical space for new technology companies is a long-term investment to grow Atlantic Canada’s startup ecosystem, leading to more new companies, jobs, innovation, products, exports and wealth in the region.

Our Resident Companies

Facts about our Resident companies and Alumni:

  • 70 per cent of our Alumni are still in business
  • Collectively, Volta companies employ more than 300 full-time staff
  • Volta Residents have aggregately raised over $60-million in equity financing
  • There have been three exits by Alumni companies
  • Several of our Alumni have at least $1-million in annual recurring revenue

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