Our Values

We are a place of mentorship and community – we are NOT an accelerator. Our focus is on Quality and Quantity, not speed.

Our Methods

  • Provide world-class mentorship and support to new startup and potential entrepreneurs.
  • Encourage the establishment of new startups.
  • Develop growth and maturity in existing startups.
  • Develop community-driven education and support frameworks.
  • Create a brand that is seen as a beacon of the Atlantic Canada startup community.

Our Focus

At Volta, we’re building a community where entrepreneurs can come together to learn from each other, grow their companies and expand to global markets.

Providing a physical space for new technology companies is a longterm investment to grow Nova Scotia’s tech industry, leading to more new companies, jobs, innovation, products, exports and wealth in Atlantic Canada.

Volta's Founding Story

In 2013, four passionate people started a place for tech founders to build and grow their companies. Jevon MacDonald and Milan Vrekic wanted to create the resource they had wished for during the early stages of their tech companies, and Patrick Keefe and J Curry were keen to help make Volta a reality. These four created Volta Labs as a founder-led startup community that brings founders together to support each other and meet new, like-minded people.

Today, Volta one of Canada’s largest innovation hubs. We have been home to over 50 tech companies ranging from ocean technology to health innovation, enterprise solutions to marketplaces.

Our Resident Companies

Facts about our Resident companies and Alumni:

  • 70% of Alumni are still in business
  • Collectively, Volta companies employ over 300 full-time staff
  • Volta companies have aggregately raised over $60M in equity financing
  • Three exits by Alumni companies
  • Several of our alumni companies have at least $1 Million in annual recurring revenue


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