Whether you’re a student, freelancer, entrepreneur, jobseeker or part of a startup company, Network Membership at Volta may be for you.

Network Membership at Volta was created with the intention of developing a community of highly engaged individuals that are interested in technology and entrepreneurship. This membership allows individuals to be a part of a community where they can meet other like-minded individuals, collaborate, and learn from one another all while creating startups that are globally minded but locally based.


Network Membership is available to students, freelancers, mentors and founders/employees of tech-enabled startups.

Here are some of the perks you’ll get:

  • Co-working space with WiFi from 9am until 5pm Monday-Friday
  • Access to bookable meeting rooms (8 hours per month free)
  • Access to walk-in call booths (unlimited usage)
  • Free or discounted events, including lunch & learns, Network Member socials, hackathons, pitch competitions and more!
  • Discounts on Volta Academy
  • Free access to experts during office hours
  • Access to a mobile device library for user testing
  • Regular updates on events, jobs and more
  • A community of students, freelancers, founders and mentors

Application Process

Fill out the online application.
Please click here to access the application

Come in for a tour.
After we receive your application, we will reach out and invite you on a tour

Sign a waiver.
Sign a waiver immediately following your tour or ask us to email you a copy via HelloSign

Receive emails.
Following your tour, we will send you two emails. A welcome email explaining how Network Membership works and an emailing inviting you to Optix.

Register via Optix.
Once you create an account via Optix, and pay your invoice, you’re officially a Network Member at Volta! Invoices will be automatically generate once you create an account.

Network Membership Cost

Our revamped Network Membership includes a small monthly fee of $10 (+ HST) per month, or $100 (+ HST) per year if paid annually (about the cost of a Spotify subscription). This new fee will help us continue to add value to Network Membership and allow us to invest in a new co-working platform that will help better connect and support our community.

Start enjoying perks.

Join the Volta community.

Apply for Network Membership