How to develop a knack for networking

As a startup founder, you’ve done everything right – you’ve validated your business idea, pitched your product or service at competitions, conducted extensive research into your key competitors and ideal customer profile; you might even have a go-to-market strategy in place that you’re ready to roll out.   It’s an exciting time for your company, […]

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A wild card win for Motryx

At the end of 2018, entrepreneurs Andre Bezanson and Dr. Franziska Broell – then known as Maritime Biologgers, decided that it was time to let go of their side project and move onto other opportunities. “We were basically winding things down,” Bezanson, now Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Motryx, said. “Because we wanted to […]

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Eliminate the brain strain: tips and tools to manage startup stress

Rhetoric dictates that if you’re not working 100-hour weeks, you’re simply not working hard enough. Startup culture and “hustle” have become almost too synonymous over the last few years.   This mentality is problematic for a number of reasons – most notably, the hustle mentality creates a breeding ground for stress; and if you’re always […]

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Making a B-Line toward market success

Sometimes, what drives industry innovation better than anything else is pure necessity, and a set of fresh eyes on a process that was seemingly tried and true. “Before I began working as an urban planner, I used to think that we used very sophisticated means of designing transit systems – but it’s not,” Aaron Short, […]

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Perks of Participating in Pitch Competitions

Startups know they need to make the most out of the limited resources available to succeed. They endure long work days and often high-stress environments to bring ideas to life under uncertain circumstances. Startup founders are tasked with finding creative ways to ensure money flows into the business, while limiting how much goes out. If […]

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